There’s a real sense of pride and community at the Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department, a volunteer-based organization that provides fire protection services to the Villages of Anmore and Belcarra, and obtains its funding and support services from Metro Vancouver.

Our success is built on what our people contribute. It’s the time they volunteer to train and serve their communities.

There are up to 65 volunteers who respond to about 100 calls each year. Half the calls are medical – the others may involve car accidents, ground fires and house fires.

Sasamat firefighters are trained to the same standard of care and certification as firefighters in the rest of BC. They receive training on ladders, hoses, emergency first aid, auto extraction, bush fires and other related training or certification. Everybody’s contribution, however small or large is appreciated and valued.

The success of our model rests not just with the strong cooperation between the Villages, but also in the wide variety of experiences and backgrounds of our membership.  Everybody uses their different skill-sets to play a role in helping residents in need. Our members are men and women: CEOs, police, pilots, gas fitters, electricians, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, nurses, even family members from three generations – who volunteer their time to the station and their community.

It’s a fun environment with a great sense of joy and camaraderie. This is an incredibly talented group of individuals who are proud to be called into action to intervene in a medical emergency or stop a fire.

The Sasamat Fire Department is a public safety agency dedicated to the preservation of life and property through a professional approach to fire suppression, rescue, and medical emergencies provided with a commitment to Firefighter training and development.

The Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD) was formally established in 1976 and began operation in 1977 with the purchase of a 1953 LaFrance Pumper Truck. The truck was purchased from the IOCO Oil Refinery for $1.

The Department offers a spectrum of services to the community on a 24/7 basis.  The department  is staffed 100% by volunteers.  A 911 call triggers a paging system giving members the details of the call which they then respond to from their respective halls.

Fire Suppression

Our members are trained in structural and wildland fire suppression.  Including fire behavior, water delivery and other suppression methods.

Medical Response

Medical calls make up the majority of the responses.  All members receive First Responder 3 (FR3) certification to handle these calls.

Motor Vehicle and Other

Vehicle accidents and extraction, gas leaks, wire down are just a few of the many other response services provided by the Department.

Fire and Safety Education

Prevention begins with education.  The department offers a variety of education programs to the community.