April 2023 Maintenance

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Sign up below for SVFD’s Apparatus and Equipment checks.

  • Note:  Do not move, add, or remove equipment from any apparatus without first checking with Deputy Chief Bolam.
  • After signing up, perform the task at a time that works for you.  If 2 people are signed up for a truck check, contact the other person to find a time that works for both of you.
  • Sign-in to the book at the hall to mark that the task has been completed.
  • Put completed paperwork in the appropriate spot in the hall.

For more information on Maintenance Procedures, Red Tag Procedures, and to print checklists click here.


Sign up below...

Truck Check: E1#1: Jol D.
#2: Nigel T.
Truck Check: T2#1: Bradley S.
#2: Britt A.
Truck Check: L7#1: Mike B.
#2: bill c.
Truck Check: R5#1: Jay S.
SCBA Check: E1#1: Adon A.
SCBA Check: L7#1: Mike B.
FR Equipment Check :E1#1: Nigel T.
FR Equipment Check: T2#1: Nigel T.
FR Equipment Check: L7#1: Mike B.
FR Equipment Check: R5#1:
Equipment Check: ATV#1: Clare H.
Anmore Hall Cleanup#1:
Belcarra Hall Cleanup#1: Adon A.